Philosophy and Principles


Hudson Peak Group was founded to provide an independent, objective view for all clients adhering to the Principles of Integrity, Independence and Confidentiality

We help define, analyze and resolve our clients’ issues--

all while looking to take advantage of opportunities.

Every client has a different challenge or opportunity to address, and it often takes a fresh eye to identify it.

Function as an unbiased resource to help frame the key issues and find creative solutions.

All work is in our clients’ best interest - no shortcuts.

About Us


Hudson Peak Group was founded in 2009 to provide objective analysis and advice

Hudson Peak Group works with a diverse group of clients including family offices, individuals, investment managers, private businesses and institutions.

Hudson Peak is an independent company, and is not affiliated with any service or product provider. All compensation is fee-based, either hourly or per project to eliminate any potential conflicts of interest.

What We Do


Hudson Peak provides the following services for our diverse group of clients

Family Offices, Individuals and Private Businesses

Client-Directed Projects

Outsourced Portfolio Reporting and Analysis

Portfolio Accounting and Reporting Systems

Family Office Best Practices Review

Virtual Family Office Development

Investment Manager Due Diligence

Performance and Attribution Analysis

Due Diligence of Outsourced Service Providers

PE Transaction Review

Financial Strategy and Analysis

Personal Financial Review and Reporting

College Savings Analysis

Investment Managers

Investment Manager Start-Up Development

Product Analysis, Strategy and Evaluation

Investment Team Lift-Out Analysis/Track Record Portability

Selected Hudson Peak Group Engagements


Strategic Consulting for a Family Office  

Provided strategic consulting for an early stage family office considering purchasing an investment management team and whether to build an asset management business capable of managing funds for internal and external clients.

Explored the motivations, intellectual and capital commitment, infrastructure requirements, and the competitive landscape to create a decision framework.

Single Family Office Project Analysis and Reporting  

Compiled and reviewed selected asset value and cash flow reports for a single family office.

Reviewed existing reporting package from outsourced service provider. Discovered inaccurate data, allocation and diversification reports. Remediated prior period reports and developed new reporting package. 

Single Family Office Business Consulting  

Served as a consultant to the wealth owner of a single family office to support new business initiatives and as a resource for various additional family office operations.

Collaborated with wealth owner and website developer to refine a nascent information-based website for an emerging investment sector targeted to investors and service providers. 

Beta tested and implemented a newly developed CRM system to socialize capital raising initiatives for selective distribution to a proprietary internal network of investors.  

Strategic Consulting for a Private Equity Fund

Provided strategic consulting for a start-up private equity fund with an initial strategy to consolidate various small businesses related to its specialty retailer hub. 

Delivered targeted strategic, operational and service provider enhancements to improve operations and financial results.

Strategic Consulting for an Investment Management Team Lift-Out Specialist  

Provided strategic consulting for an investment team lift-out specialist covering existing performance track record and various options to transport that history to the new organization.

Reviewed the historical track records to determine if they were representative of the stated strategy, contained no hidden problems and properly documented and provided options to continue historical performance track record with no investment gap during management team transition. 

Strategic Consulting for an Executive Recruiter  

Provided strategic consulting for an executive recruiter attempting to place a top-tier investment management team. 

Developed summarized business plans and analyzed database to find target firms that could support the team through a start-up phase, fill a product void, and foster long-term asset growth and product expansion. 

Strategic Consulting for a Bridge Loan Lender  

Provided strategic consulting for a start-up private equity fund with a primary strategy to invest in small-to-mid size asset-backed bridge loans to generate a specified payout level.  

This engagement covered business structure, private placement memorandum development, operational assessment, outsourced service providers, marketing presentation and strategy, and client reporting. Targeted family offices, emerging manager platforms, and identified primary investors for initial capital raising program.





Howard Geller, Principal, is the founder of Hudson Peak Group. He is a strategic consultant working with family offices, individual investors, wealth managers, investment managers and private equity to assess, analyze and recommend solutions. He has over 20 years of diverse experience in the financial services industry with several notable financial organizations. His primary family office consulting focus has been on best practices review, investment manager and outsourced service provider due diligence, portfolio reporting system review and requirements development, and targeted project assessment and resolution. He functions as an internal consultant bridging the communication gap to solve problems, implement solutions and take advantage of opportunities. 

His industry background includes analytical, strategic and competitive analysis of various financial products and strategies to institutions and individuals covering performance measurement, portfolio attribution, product analysis and management, marketing product placement, investment manager due diligence and business analysis/evaluation. 

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